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Google Keyword Planner Latest Updates 2018

The Google KeyWords Planner is redesigned and revamped recently. Refer to the information to get the outlined differences between the old & new Keyword Planner and also the detailed information on the major changes with illustrations.

Outlined Differences Between Old & New KeyWord Planner

  • Workflows in new KeyWord Planner are far more organized in comparison to the older version.
  • The new start screen focuses on two options: “Find new keywords” and “Get metrics and forecasts for your keywords” whereas the   old version had multiple options & links.
Google Keyword Planner OLD & NEW START SCREEN

Google Keyword Planner OLD & NEW START SCREEN

  • The new version utilizes Google’s Material Design which matches with the new AdWords interface.
  • The best indication of the new approach is visible from the start screen.

Last Year Updates on Google Adwords Keyword Planner

The changes in the previous Google AdWords led the digital marketing community to declare the beginning of the end for keyword-centric advertising. Instead, the user was able to work with semantic and contextual information, targeting audiences, not clicks.

The latest update or the major changes on Keyword Planner can be seen in terms of Keywords ideas chart & Forecasting.

Get a detailed information in the below section provided :-


In the tool’s forecasts section, the old version needs users to set a bid in order to get forecasting. There are many changes that can be seen in terms of scalability and overall execution.

Users can adjust the slider in the chart to view the impact on the other performance metrics by major changes.

The new forecast section immediately shows total estimated performance impact, including maximum CPC from keywords.

Also, an option for playing with bid settings is added. The user has to click on the drop down on plan estimates or select maximum CPC (Cost-Per-Click) field.

A new plan overview comprises cards for devices and locations, Instead of having to toggle between menu tabs to view location & device breakouts. You can adjust the metrics which are shown in those cards.

Keyword Ideas Chart

A keyword ideas chart in the new Keyword Planner shows total monthly search volumes as in the older version. However, it also shows mobile search volume in the in the main chart. In the old version of Keyword Planner, mobile search volume is only available from the drop-down menu of Search volume trends.

new google keyword planner ideas

There are two new metrics available in Keyword ideas. Users can now see Organic impression share and Organic average position for the keywords if a site ranks for them and enough data is available.

keyword planner new columns

In order to view this data, AdWords and Search Console accounts have to be linked and users have to add columns to Keyword ideas report.

The ability to view ad impression share comparisons to competitor and market leader domains isn’t available in the search volume trends dropdown in new Keyword Planner.

Also, to filter out keywords or negatives which are already in the account, users can click on the filter icon below the chart.

Concluding the above discussions, The earlier version was difficult to navigate according to the users but the recent changes are making sure to mark an improvement on the older version of the planner.