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Top 10 Seo Tips For E-Commerce Website 2018

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) can be a sure shot hit when it comes to taking your audience reach to next level. Starting for the very beginning, SEO is considered as a golden bird to make your business earn a whopping exposure. In today’s era where things are becoming more and more advance and people tend to use their social media and web stations to reach the ultimate level of convenience, it’s important for you and your business to cater the customers and right audience at right time. Long gone are those days when offline marketing was just enough profit from your products and business.

Ever thought why the e-commerce websites are becoming giants in the market? How the traders are earning by staying at home? then you are at the right place. Digital marketing is a whole new world in its own, whether taken seriously or not but today everyone who wants to gain profit makes it a point to mark their presence in this huge world.

Let’s first discuss pointwise what SEO actually does to raise the bars of your business.

  • SEO increases sales and leads of your product.
  • SEO highlights your brand awareness and services.
  • It does not involve any paid advertising.
  • Much more cost-effective than paid advertising.
  • It helps the trader or the business man to know the needs of the targeted audience.

Now you must be wondering on how to get your hands on the SEO in order to get all the above-mentioned advantages to fuel your business.

Are you someone who keeps on thinking about how to take your establishment overcome all the competitions in the marketplace, Think no more. You can surely achieve this goal by following some of the tips that we have got for you.

Serve Them What They Want!

Nobody has time to invest on your website. Ask yourself what different you have got so that a person would stop and look at your website. SEO brings the real audience who are searching for the exact products. Once you know how to identify your target, you are all set to get to heights.

Say No to Repetitive Content

There are many in the market. If you wish to replace them make it your priority to develop valuable content for your website. There are thousands of e-commerce websites but you have the power to make a difference by being different.

Content plays a major role in building a website’s credibility and trust.

Pictures Speaks Louder Than Words

Use pictures more than text. On an average, a person tends to judge your product in less than a minute. Why would anybody bother if your product pictures are not appealing to the viewer or buyer?

The game is all about the presentation of your products. People invest their money with utmost concentration. So, pictures are your best companion to gain success.

Choose URL Structure Wisely

Without a proper information architecture, no one can achieve the quick SEO results. But now with clean and fully sorted out URL structure of e-commerce websites, it is easy for users to have proper insights for the products they have selected.

Eye Catching Product Descriptions

How can you expect from your customer to buy a specific product when you are yourself not able to define your product? Be straight and talk to the point. Describe your product fully but don’t go over the board at the same time. Give justice to your products. Hire a content writer.

if you have resources and make sure to provide your customers with great products.

Correct keyword correct business future

Keywords are the words or phrases that define your entire website and products you offer to customers. Research as much as you can and voila! You are all set to go. The best strategy to publicize an ecommerce store is to plan out for using competitive keywords for your e-commerce website. Make a list of keywords that work best for you. You can also choose tried and tested online tools that are helpful in finding out relevant keywords for your business. Also, try and avoid keyword cannibalization. Search the best keywords planning tools to strengthen your keyword planning.

Why only websites, Why not a mobile application?

Mobile is the most convenient way to access any portal or website but it’s even better when you have an application to project your products and services. Today, more and more people are inclined towards mobile for online shopping. Ever wondered why these big e-commerce portals have gained so much in such less time? they are present everywhere. It’s easier for their audience to reach them in no time.

Go Blog – Friendly

Write blogs which you think are in demand these days. Of course, the title should not be opposed to what you are trying to sell or provide the service. Choose hot topics that people are searching these days related to your products and cater the right need at the first go.

Customer experience on the website

Your e-commerce website should have a friendly user interface. In order to go high on sales, you need to go high on making the visitor happy. Of course, you want them to come again & again and that is what exactly we want.

It’s not important that a website should have a complex structure. Sometimes simple things can also work and in case of a website that is the case. Nobody would ever want to tangle themselves in the web of the complex website. They are coming with a happy mood to make their shopping experience fun and at the same time helpful. Great user experience also means your users will spend more time on your site.

Pro-Tip – Add customer reviews for the products. Trust us, it works like magic.

Meta description of pages and further link building

Put meta descriptions for your website pages in some way attractive. Keep it short and simple. Highlight the key features of the page and add the ultimate things that you want your audience to know. Internal linking of the pages is further important. If you want to strike two aims with one arrow then add the link to your other website pages too. Not only a specific product page but this way you can also promote your blogs.